Refunds and Exchanges

To process a refund when you no longer require a permit, visit the Parking Services office with photo ID and the method of payment used to purchase the permit.

A pro-rated refund will be issued for the time remaining on your permit, where any full month(s) remaining are refundable, and more than a half month would receive a half month refund.

Alternatively, if the payment was by VISA or MasterCard you can call us with your ID and credit card on hand to have the refund processed over the phone.

Permits are not refunded in the last two weeks of a semester.

Termination of a Permit

All permits/passes are issued subject to observance of terms, conditions and regulations applicable.
A permit/pass shall be invalid:

  • On the date of the parking permit expiration
  • When it has been cancelled or revoked in accordance with these regulations
  • When the permit is no longer under the control of the owner