Parking Areas

 In effect the entire calendar year: weekdays after 6pm and on weekends, parking permits for any lot will be valid in any other parking lots except GYM and UNC Short Term parking and R lot.

Campus Map

All vehicles parked on campus must have valid authorization. Paid parking is in effect year round including weekends and holidays. All parking lots are reserved for permit holders, day pass holders or those paying at a metered stall. Faculty, Staff and Students may choose to purchase a day pass from a ticket Pay Station (lots H and W all day) (lots B, G, J and S after 12 pm) and (lots E, F after 1 pm) if they have not purchased a semester permit.

For lot names and designations check out the Campus Map.

Information on permit sales and rates is available at Permits and Fees.

Visitors to campus may park in either Short Term stalls: located in UNC Short Term Parking Honk Zone 5598 or GYM Short Term Parking Honk Zone 5596. Short term parking is available from 30 minutes to 2 hours and is $2.00 per hour up to a maximum of 2 hours.

Pay Stations are available in lots H and W all day.

September 1 until April 30: Pay Stations are available in lots B, G, J and S after 12 pm and in lots E, F after 1pm. Rates are $4-6 for 3 hours and $6-8 for one day. Pay Stations accept coins, Visa and MasterCard.

Guests visiting students living in residence may purchase a parking permit from the R lot Pay Station located on Discovery Avenue. These permits can be purchased for 3hrs, 24hrs or 48hrs and are valid both in R lot Pay Station parking on Discovery Ave or in the R parking lot. Rates are $5 for 3 hours and $7 for 24hrs.

Campus Map


Reserved: Designated parking spaces assigned to individuals. Violators will be towed.

Loading Zone: Parking permitted only for the purpose of loading or unloading a vehicle. Maximum loading times indicated on signage must be observed.

UBC’s Okanagan campus offers accessible parking for persons whose disability limits their mobility.

Accessibility Parking Locations

“D” PASS HOLDERS No. of Parking Spaces
E Lot 6
Cassiar Residence 2
Daycare 1
Kalamalka Residence 2
Lower Residence Lane 2
Monashee Residence 3
Nicola Residence 2
G Lot 3
K Lot 2
Purcell Residence 1
Similkameen Residence 1
Valhalla Residence 2
W Lot 4
Short Term Parking: No. of Parking Spaces
UNC Short Term Parking 4
GYM Short Term Parking 2

Accessibility Parking Permits

UBC Students/Staff/Faculty that require an Accessibility parking permit must contact the Disability Resources Centre to obtain a confirmation letter prior to purchasing an accessibility pass. All others must have a City of Kelowna or provincial (SPARC) issued accessibility permit in order to purchase a UBCO accessibility permit. For more information on the process for obtaining an accessibility parking permit see Parking Permits and Fees.

Visitors parking on campus, who have a valid SPARC or Disabled Parking pass and do not have a UBC Accessibility permit may park in the designated metered parking stalls by Lots E and F. The meter must be compensated to show valid parking time or a violation ticket may be issued.

If you have a motorcycle on your account in addition to your lot permit (not specifically a motorcycle permit), you can park your motorcycle in a vehicle parking stall in your authorized lot, or in a motorcycle stall available in E, G, H or J lot.

As with any permit, one vehicle is authorized to park at any given time. If an additional vehicle is parked on campus, it must pay for parking separately.

(Free Parking) Bicycle racks are located outside most buildings (Note: bicycles secured in areas other than bicycle racks are subject to removal without warning at owner’s risk and expense.)

Liability of UBC

As per section 17 of the UBC Traffic and Parking Rules approved by the Board of Governors on September 27, 2011;

Fees for Short Term Parking and Permits are charged for parking space only.  UBC does not take custody of Vehicles and assumes no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, through fire, theft, collision or otherwise, a Vehicle or its contents.  UBC shall not be responsible for loss of, or damage to, a Vehicle or its contents resulting from the actions or omissions of a Compliance Officer acting pursuant to, and within the powers granted by, the Rules or from a Vehicle being opened, moved, towed, immobilized or stored pursuant to the Rules.