Parking Permit Information

Spring & Summer 2018 permits on sale for online purchase.
Parking information and sale dates for upcoming Fall 2018/Winter 2019 semesters.

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Parking Lot G and C CLOSED April 23 – August 31. All other lots available.

UBC Okanagan Coupon Code Request

For attendees you want to provide parking, a coupon code is the method via any lot with a parking pass dispenser.

  • an event coupon code has unlimited uses for a specified time period.
  • a guest coupon code does not expire, but has a limited number of uses.

Please provide the prospective attendees with the below instructions:
A valid coupon code is for use at any parking lot that has a dispenser. B, E, F G, H, J, M and W lot are the lots available with dispensers.
Coupon codes are valid from time entered at parking lot dispenser until end of day. A campus map is available at

Parking Services
Coupon Instructions

1.Enter license plate number, press ok
2. Do you have a coupon – select Yes
3. Enter Coupon number

** The vehicle is not required to display a printed parking pass/coupon as the permit is electronic and registered via license plate **
Dispenser passes are not valid at metered or disability stalls.
No spots are guaranteed or reserved. There is a possibility that there will not be spots available, depending on the time of day.

The details below samples the email sent after the coupon code is created/replenished, with actual number of uses and dollar value replacing the placeholders.

If the method of payment is by Journal Voucher, follow the directions below. If you are paying by another method then please inform Parking Services.

Please credit speed chart HKCL for your Digital coupon code purchase. (Number of uses) * $6.00 = $VALUE.
Enter the below information in the credit line on your JV. Attach a copy of your e-mail request as supporting documentation.

Speed Chart



Dept ID















Once the Journal voucher is filled out and signed, distribute as follows:
Original JV to Finance, copy of JV to Parking Services, Kalamalka 123 or


The parking permit that you’re still displaying …

You can get rid of it!

Displaying the permit on your mirror is no longer required. Compliance is based on the license plate, not the hanging permit. The permit is no longer looked at.

The license plate is scanned, and must be in the system linked to either a permit or daily pass. If not, a ticket is issued.

Login to your parking account with your CWL at to manage and maintain your vehicle information. As permits are electronic, all accounts needs to be current and correct to authorize parking in your respective lot.

 Simply ensure that your vehicle information is correct and up to date in your parking account, and remember to update if your vehicle information change.

 Tips on updating your vehicle:

  • Only license plate, make and colour is required.
  • Unless you have a personalized license plate, the character will be a zero (0), not the letter O.
  • If you have a rental or loaner vehicle, do not add it to your account. Contact Parking Services at 250 807 8554 or with your license plate and vehicle description.
  • Up to five vehicles can be added to your parking account and linked to your permit.
  • If you are adding the vehicle of a friend or family member, make sure to check for tickets before you add a plate. Any charge(s) that a vehicle already has, or receives, will be on your account and become your responsibility. Don’t get stuck with any charges of a friend or family member.


Parking Services
The University of British Columbia | Okanagan
123 KAL, 1220 International Mews | Kelowna, BC Canada V1V 1V7 Phone 250 807 8554