Parking Permits are available for purchase and winter parking tips

Hybrid electric car on UBCO campus

Parking Services is pleased to announce the release of additional parking permits for the campus community. Thanks to the insights gathered through the recent parking sensors project.

Available permits for the 2023/2024 academic year are now available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Available permits will be lsited under the “permits” tab within your parking account.
  • Only available permits will be displayed. If none are visible in a particular lot, it means there are no permits are available to purchase.
  • In order to purchase a permit you must not have any outstanding traffic notices on your parking account
  • Parking Services continues to monitor lot capacity, utilization and turnover.


Winter parking tips for students, faculty and staff

  • Prepare for full lots: Winter tends to fill up our lots quickly. Plan ahead and allow extra time during busy hours.
  • Snowy conditions: In snowy weather, park straight and centered in your stall to maximize available spaces. If you cannot see the lines due to snow cover, please try your best.
  • Park smart: For efficient parking, kindly park as close as possible to other vehicles while maintaining a safe distance.

As a reminder paid parking is in effect year round. Information on parking lots and rates can be found at Find Parking.

For any questions or assistance, reach out to