Citations and Appeals

You may pay any traffic fine using any of the following payment options.

    1. Pay online by VISA, MasterCard or INTERAC Online
    2. In person at the Parking Services office, located at 261AA Nechako Residence (1255 International Mews)
    3. Mail by Canada Post to:
      UBC Okanagan Parking Services
      261AA Nechako Residence
      1255 International Mews
      Kelowna, BC V1V 1V8

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You may dispute the alleged violation on the Parking Violation Notice within 14 days of the date on the traffic notice.

To dispute a ticket online, login to your parking account using your CWL login and password.

If you do not have a CWL login, Create a guest account to file your dispute. Disputes cannot be emailed to Parking Services.

You may hand deliver or mail a written dispute to Parking Services. Hand delivered and mailed disputes must be received before the 14th day of the date on the traffic notice. Your dispute must contain your return address, e-mail address, a copy of the Traffic Notice and written detail of your rationale for disputing the alleged violation.

Your written dispute must be addressed to:

UBC Okanagan Parking Services
261AA Nechako Residence
1255 International Mews
Kelowna, BC V1V 1V8

Your submission will be reviewed by a Hearing Officer, who will advise you by e-mail the outcome of your dispute. Your dispute resolution will also contain instructions on how to appeal the Hearing Officer’s ruling should you so wish.

If you choose to appeal the results of your dispute, you will not be allowed to present any new or additional information from your original dispute filing.

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Vehicles in Violation of the Board of Governor’s UBC Traffic and Parking Rules will receive a Traffic Notice. Once a third outstanding Traffic Notice has been recorded, the vehicle may be immobilized or towed.

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The majority of citations are $60 and if paid within 14 days, which includes the day you receive the fine, your citation is discounted by 50%, ie: $30.

It is the responsibility of the person paying the citation to have it paid on or before the 14 day mark in order to receive the 50% discount. If paying by mail this means that you must account for the time that it takes to reach the Parking Services office. Payment must be received in hand by the Parking Services office on or before the 14 day mark.

If you dispute a citation within 14 days of receipt, and the citation is upheld, the 14 day process for payment will begin on the date of the Hearing Officer’s ruling.

Violations remaining unpaid and undisputed may result in a vehicle being immobilized, removed from campus or the driver’s student account being placed on hold.

For any further questions or clarifications, please refer to the University Counsel Website and the UBC Traffic and Parking Rules.

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UBC reserves the right to tow when a vehicle is:

  • Parked in handicapped parking space
  • Parked in a bus zone
  • Blocking another properly parked vehicle(s)
  • Blocking trash containers
  • Parked next to a fire hydrant or preventing access to fire control equipment or parked in fire lanes
  • Parked along yellow curbs
  • Parked on campus roadways or in any way that impedes the free movement of traffic
  • Parked in reserved lots without proper permits
  • Outstanding fines against the vehicle

All vehicles towed will be reported to the Parking Services office (261AA Nechako Residence 1255 International Mews, 250 807-8554) and at the Security office (Admin Bldg, 250 807-9236).

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The following violations are enforced on campus as directed by the Board of Governors UBC Traffic and Parking Rules

7(g) Transfer of Pass to Another Person
7(k) Counterfeit Pass
11(a) Failure to Display Proper Authorization
11(b) Expired Time
11(c) Counterfeit Parking Receipt
12(c) Failure Update Registrations
13(a) Exceeding Speed Limit
13(b) Operating Vehicle Off-Road
13(c) Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device
13(d) Failure to Obey Compliance Officer
13(e) Vehicle in Pedestrian Area
13(f) Vehicle in Service Zone
13(g) Nuisance
13(h) Parking in Improper Location
13(i) Improper parking
13(j) Parking without Proper Authorization
13(k) Non-Compliance with Permit Conditions
13(l) Unauthorized Motorcycle/Bicycle Parking
13(m) Unauthorized Trailer parking
13(n) Sleeping/Living in Vehicle
13(o) Unauthorized Disabled Parking
13(p) Changing License Plate to Avoid Payment
15(a) Tampering with Traffic Control Device
16(a) Unauthorized Distribution of Printed Material

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