Parking Permit Information

STUDENTS PLEASE NOTE: To purchase parking you must be enrolled in the current or Fall semester. If you are not registered in a credit course you will not be able to access your parking account.

UBC students, faculty and staff, login to your account with your UBC CWL.

2020/2021 Fall & Winter Permits

• Permits on sale August 5 at 12:00 PM PST.
• All permits available for purchase online.
• GST Extra. Permit Rate Changes

Commuting student permits are on sale for online purchase Wednesday August 5 at 12pm PST.
Resident student permits are on sale for online purchase Thursday August 12 at 12pm PST.

2020/21 Fall/Winter semester and fall permits will be offered and purchased via a waitlist. On August 5th at 12pm, the waitlist will be posted. At this time, you will be able to log into your parking account and select up to 4 lots sorted by your preference. Permits will be awarded by order of the waitlist. Once awarded, an email will be sent stating you have the right to purchase online by credit card. The email will include which lot you were awarded, how to purchase, and which date the permit must be purchased by.

The R lot Waitlist will open on August 12th at 12pm, and will follow the same process as 2020 semester and fall permits.

General Information

– The waitlist will close once all permits have been sold.
– Select up to 4 lots in the waitlist and prioritize them from 1-4 (first choice to last choice). Only 1 permit will be awarded.
– No permits will be sold in the office or over the phone. You must sign up for the waitlist online and be awarded a permit before purchasing online.
– Permits are awarded based on order and priority.
– You will remain on the waitlist until you have either been awarded a permit, or until the waitlist has been closed.

The permits are for online purchase only and are based on availability. One semester permit per person is allowed. You would need to login with your CWL (Campus Wide login) to purchase the permit. A vehicle does need to be on the account before purchasing the permit. Outstanding account balances must be paid in full before a permit can be purchased.

If you are a new student, it may take time for the classification to propagate through the system – resident or commuting. Closer to the sale date you should expect to be able to login with your CWL and to add your vehicle(s) to your account to purchase a permit.

Parking is not reserved. Availability for parking on campus is limited and first come first serve.

Login to your account from the Parking Services website to manage and maintain your vehicle information with your CWL at

Permit Sept – Apr Semester
(Sept – Dec, or Jan – Apr)
Lot: H
$520 $260
Lots: B, J
$600 $300
Only available in Lot J
Lots: E, F, G, S, W
$680 $340
Only available in lot G
Lot: R
$600 $300
Not available online; office sale only
$560 $280
Lot: Roaming
$640 N/A
Permit One Month Permit
1 month and 2 month available


    • H lot will be reserved for permit holders only until 12pm.
    • Daily and Visitor parking is available in GYM short term, UNC short term, Discovery (on-street parking), W and I Lot (previously H lot secondary).
    • I Lot (previous H lot secondary) will become a visitor/daily parking lot. Access to this lot will be via Innovation drive, adjacent to H lot. A walking path is available on the South side of the lot that leads into campus.

Additional short term parking has been made in UNC Short Term. Be aware of new signs and line painting.

  • F and S lot are only available for permit holders 24/7.
  • E, G, B, and J lots are restricted to permit holders until 12pm. After 12pm, these lots will accept payment for visitor parking.


Make sure your vehicle information is correct on your parking account.

  • Parking rules are in effect all year including exam periods, summer months, holidays & midterm breaks.
  • Up to 5 vehicles can be registered to a parking permit with only 1 vehicle authorized to park at any given time.