Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will Parking Services know that you have a permit?

Enforcement confirms compliance with the license plate, not the hanging permit. The license plate is scanned and must be in the system linked to a permit or a daily pass. If not, a ticket is issued.

What do you need to do?

Simply ensure that your vehicle information is correct and up to date in your parking account, and remember to update it should your vehicle information change.

To update your vehicle information:

Tips on updating your vehicle:

  • Only license plate, make and colour is required
  • Unless you have a personalized license plate, the character will be a zero (0), not the letter ‘O’
  • If you have a rental or loaner vehicle through a dealership or repair shop, check to see if the vehicle has traffic notice(s) before adding it to your Parking Account by going to
  • Up to 5 vehicles can be added to your parking account.
  • To remove a vehicle from your Parking Account, you must delete the vehicle as well as delete the associated vehicle from the permit.
    If the loaner vehicle has traffic notices, email to request authorization. Provide the license plate, vehicle description, student or employee ID, full name along with the expected duration.

  • If adding the vehicle of a friend or family member, make sure to check for tickets before you add a plate. Any ticket(s) that a vehicle already has, or receives, will be on your account and become your responsibility. Don’t get stuck with the tickets of a friend or family member!

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We have 2,800 parking spaces on campus. On an average week day 9,000 people visit campus.

It is frustrating for many that we are limited to a fixed number of parking spaces on campus. However, adding parking lots to accommodate everyone is not a sustainable solution.

If enough people used alternative transportation even a few times a week, our campus would benefit from fewer cars and fewer parking problems. Our environment would be better off too.

Whenever possible, please consider using alternative transportation to get to campus.

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Park in H or W lot and purchase a day pass (until 6pm) from our Pay Stations or HonkMobile.

At the Pay Station, you can pay with coin, Visa or MasterCard.

The cost is $7 to $9 until 6pm, $4 to $6 for 3 hours and $4 after 6pm.

Lots B, G, J and S start at 12pm and lots E and F at 1pm.

Short term parking (maximum 2 hours) is available at DIS Short Term Parking, UNC Short Term Parking and GYM Short Term Parking.

U-PASSlinks to external site (Universal Transportation Pass) is available to all UBC students and provides unlimited access to the Kelowna Regional Transit Bus System. U-PASS is available through the Students’ Union.

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You may dispute the alleged violation on the Parking Violation Notice within 14 days of the date on the traffic notice.

  1. The dispute must be submitted directly to the Hearing Officer, where emailed disputes are not accepted. To dispute a ticket online, login to your parking account using your CWL username and password.
    If you are a guest on campus and do not have a CWL login, create a guest account to file your dispute.
  2. You may hand deliver or mail a written dispute to Parking Services. Hand delivered and mailed disputes must be received before the 14th day of the date on the traffic notice. Your dispute must contain your return address, e-mail address, a copy of the Traffic Notice and written detail of your rational for disputing the alleged violation.

    Your written dispute must be addressed to:

    UBC Okanagan
    Parking Services, Hearing Officer
    123 Kalamalka Residence
    1220 International Mews
    Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7

Your submission will be reviewed by an appointed Hearing Officer. The Hearing Officer will advise you by e-mail of the outcome of your dispute. Your dispute resolution will also contain instructions on how to appeal the Hearing Officer’s ruling should you so wish.

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Parking Services operates as a self-funded department and does not receive any portion of tuition monies or government funding. The largest portion derived from revenues is turned over to the University as general operating revenue, which helps pay for academic and non-academic expenses.

coneBuilding Lots: The newest work will be the result of the creation of the west campus access. This will require a large renovation of the parking lots on the west side of campus

Maintenance of lots: Lots are continuously in need of maintenance including line painting, paving, repairing potholes, sweeping and garbage removal, snow removal, landscaping and security patrols.

Signage: As requirements change, new needs are identified, and vandalism occurs, signage must be added, repaired or replaced.

Equipment: Your fees also provide the proper equipment for managing parking space. Pay Stations, meters, lighting, service vehicles and storage facilities are just some examples of equipment required to operate. Repairs and maintenance of this equipment are also necessary due to routine use and vandalism.

Sustainable Alternatives: We are aware that limited parking on campus is an issue for many people and work together with the community to make better and more sustainable alternatives available. Parking Services subsidizes the U-Pass, currently at $100,000 per year. Parking Services Okanagan is a member of links to external site, and pays membership dues making it easier for students, staff and faculty to meet others interested in carpooling to campus.

Wages: No business can operate successfully without a great team in place to handle operations. Management, office staff, enforcement officers and technicians are essential to providing parking facilities and services on campus.

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Short term parking is available at UNC Short Term Parking (Honk Zone 5598), DIS Short Term Parking (Honk Zone 5586) and GYM Short Term Parking (Honk Zone 5596) at a rate of $2.00 per hour up to a maximum of 2 hours.

Visitor ParkingFrom September 1st thru April 30th, day pass Pay Stations are available in H Lot (economy lot) and W Lot (beside the Upper Campus Health Building). Short term and daily parking is also available in lots B, G, J and S after 12pm, and in lots E and F after 1pm.

 Pay Stations accept coins, Visa or MasterCard. Permits cost $7 to $9 until 6pm, $4 to $6 for 3 hours and $4 after 6pm.

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No, but on weekdays after 6pm and all day weekends you can park in any valid parking lot other than R lot. DIS Short Term Parking, GYM Short Term Parking or UNC Short Term Parking is not inclusive.

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No Overnight ParkingNo overnight parking is allowed on campus, unless you live in residence – then parking is available in R lot only. By exception, if you are conducting UBC business and require your vehicle to be parked on campus overnight – contact Parking Services for authorization.

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Yes, semester permits are refundable for the unused portion of a permit. Permits are prorated. Bring yourself, picture ID and the method of payment used to purchase the permit, to the Parking Services office for a refund. Permits are not refunded in the last two weeks of any semester.

A staff parking permit paid for on a monthly payroll deduction can be cancelled effective the 15th of any month or on the last day of any month. Bring yourself and picture ID to the Parking Services office, in order for the payroll deduction cancellation form to be processed. Alternatively, an online form is available for Payroll Deduction, Exchange or Cancellation (sign in with your Novell account).

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While you can have up to 5 vehicles on your parking account linked to your permit, only one (1) vehicle can be parked on campus at any given time. If an additional vehicle is parked on campus, it must pay for parking separately, either at a Pay Station or through Honk.

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