Campus Parking Information

Paid parking is in effect year round including holidays and weekends. Parking Rates

Prior to purchasing your parking permit you will need to create your parking account if one does not already exist. To create or update your parking account, log-in with your campus wide login (CWL). One permit per student. When waitlist placement is available, once added you will remain on the waitlist during the semester and emailed to purchase a permit based on your priority and placement.

 Any outstanding parking violations must be paid before a permit is able to be purchased.

Lot R Permit OnlyR lot is reserved for students living on campus and is the only lot which allows overnight 24 hour parking. Residence permits can be purchased online by logging into your parking account where R lot will display as a selection to purchase from your Parking Account. Residence parking spaces are limited and a parking assignment is not guaranteed. Campus Map

The cost of the permit is determined by the purchase date. A full month fee is applicable if the permit is purchased before the 16th of the month.

Non permit holders must pay the fee at the R lot Pay Station on Discovery Avenue located directly across from the Similkameen entrance. These Pay Station passes are valid for 24 hours or 48hrs (depending on permit purchased) and for R lot parking areas only.

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Permanent Staff and Faculty

Permanent Staff and Faculty are eligible for an ongoing payroll deduction. Passes are based on availability and must be purchased from the Parking Services office. Employees may be placed on a waitlist if applying for a parking pass during the regular school year. Evening permits are not available for purchase via a payroll deduction.

Payroll cancellations are either at the 16th or the end of month. Lot changes are permitted May 01 until mid-July each calendar year. Permit exchanges are accepted after mid-September and is based on lot availability.

When you are no longer in need of the permit you must inform the Parking Services office to stop payroll deduction.

Payroll Deduction and Staff/Faculty Forms

Online forms are available for Payroll Application or Cancellation /Exchange.
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Sessional Employees

Sessional employees on a minimum 12 month term are eligible for an ongoing payroll deduction. Passes are based on availability and must be purchased from the Parking Services office.

Auxiliary employees – H Lot permits are available for 1 month. Semester permits (Sept – Apr) are also available – lot based on availability at time of purchase.

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Non UBC Employee Permits

1 week, 1 month or 2 month permits are available for purchase at a parking lot deemed available by Parking Services and are first come first served.

Contractor Permits

If you are a contractor working on campus, a Contractor permit is available for 1 week, 1 or 2 month, or 1 year. The permit is valid in any parking lot on campus and the fee is monthly $90.00 or $45.00 per week.

The permit(s) are available for purchase from the Parking office located in 123 Kalamalka (residence). Daily permits are available from Pay Stations located in parking lots, noting time restrictions to purchase a permit are applicable for some lots. For more information, go to Contractor Information, visit the Parking Services office or call 250 807-8554.

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Accessibility Permits

Accessibility ParkingAccessibility passes cost $80 per month.

Process for Obtaining an Accessibility Parking Permit

Any faculty, staff, students or person associated with the University with a disability, who requires accessibility parking, must provide documentation in order to purchase the permit.


Students need to go to the Disability Resource Centre (DRC). Parking Services requires a letter submitted from the DRC, who may require medical information in order to issue the authorization.

Disability Resource Centre is located at: UNC 214 250 807-8053

Staff / Faculty

A letter is required from the WRAP Manager in HR Office, which would be submitted to Parking Services.

WRAP office located at ADM 002 250 807-9543

Non-UBC Staff & Contractors

A valid provincially issued SPARC Pass or City of Kelowna Disabled Parking Pass is required to issue a UBCO Disability Parking Permit. The applicant must present the valid permit at the Parking Services office at the time of purchase.

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CarpoolA carpool is defined as two or more individuals, who drive together to the University. Carpool stalls are located in lots G and H for vehicles parking with 2 or more individuals. Campus Map

In order to avoid a violation notice in a carpool stall, two or more individuals must be observed exiting the vehicle at the time of parking.

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