Sustainable Transportation Options

UBC’s Okanagan campus has developed a range of sustainable transportation options to meet your commuting needs. You may wish to consider the following alternatives to driving.


The Universal Transportation Pass is a mandatory program for all students who are members of the UBCSUO links to external site (UBC Students’ Union Okanagan) and have been assessed the UBCO Student Union fee. For just $45 per semester, students are entitled to unlimited access to the Kelowna Regional Transit System and access to HandyDART.

For more information about safe, sustainable transportation options, visit Transportation Planning.


There are several transit routes serving UBCO, including the 97 Express that provides frequent limited stop service from downtown to the campus. If you do not have access to U-Pass, you can save on fares by buying a monthly pass for $53 per month.
For more information on routes, schedules, and fares, visit BC Transit links to external site.


Carpooling is a simple way to reduce emissions while saving money, reducing congestion, and conserving energy along the way. In order to utilize the carpooling stalls in parking lots G or H, 2 or more individuals must exit the vehicle at the time of parking. The carpool stalls are monitored and a violation notice may be issued if / when vehicle(s) are observed with only 1 person exiting the vehicle.

campus map


UBC’s Okanagan campus and the City of Kelowna are working together to improve bike access to the campus and improve bike facilities on campus. A Bicycle Route Map detailing all of the bicycle lanes, bicycle routes, and bicycle paths within the City of Kelowna is available for download links to external site.

The Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition has an excellent bike safety manual, BikeSense, which is also available online. Visit the BikeSense website links to external site.

In addition, all conventional Kelowna buses are equipped with bike racks to make your commute easier. The racks can carry up to two bikes at a time and hold most wheel and frame sizes, but were not designed to hold tandem or motor-powered bikes.
BC Transit – Kelowna Regional Transit System links to external site.