Parking Permit Information


Permits on sale APRIL 4th @ 9am PST
ONLINE purchasing only
Lots available: B / E / F / H / J / R ** / W

3 permit periods available:
May 1 – Aug 31, 2018
May 1 – June 30, 2018
July 1 – Aug 31, 2018

Monthly Permit Rates

**R Lot is exclusive to residence students**

SEPT 2018 – APRIL 2019

COMMUTING Student Permits on sale AUGUST 1st @ 9am PST
RESIDENCE Student Permits on sale AUGUST 15th @ 9am PST
ONLINE purchasing only

 All outstanding violations must be paid in order to purchase a parking permit


  • Parking rules are in effect all year round including: exam periods, summer months, holidays & midterm breaks
  • Lots C & G will be closed spring and summer due to the extension of John Hindle Rd from Glenmore to campus
    – Lot C will be merged into Lot G
    – Lot G will be open & available for Sept 2018
  • Up to 5 vehicles can be registered to a parking permit with ONLY 1 vehicle authorized to park at any given time
 Make sure your vehicle information is correct on your parking account