Resident Student Permit Waitlists Now Open

Resident Student Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 semester permit waitlists are now open.

Please note:

  • Permits are expected to begin being awarded later today.
  • If you become eligible to receive a permit, you will be e-mailed a purchase offer.
  • You will have a limited number of days to purchase the permit, as noted in your permit award email.
  • If a permit is not purchased during this time, the purchase offer will expire and the permit will be awarded to the next person on the waitlist.
  • Be sure to monitor your email closely including spam and junk mail folders.  Add to your list of ‘safe senders’, so offers land in your inbox.

For more information, pricing and details visit:

Permit Purchase Conditions

  • To purchase an R Lot permit, you must be actively enrolled in a UBC Credit course and registered as a resident student.
  • Up to 5 vehicles can be registered to a parking permit.  Only 1 vehicle is authorized to park on campus at any given time.
  • All outstanding traffic notices must be paid prior to purchasing a parking permit.